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An Inspiring Journey of Leadership, Legacy, and Delicious Recipes


The Life and Legacy of Ennio Riga
"Chef to the Stars"

Ennio Riga, a world-renowned chef who graced kitchens from war-torn Italy to the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria, left behind more than delicious creations. He instilled in his daughter, Julie, the values of leadership, perseverance, and determination, lessons he meticulously recorded before his passing in 2016.

Stay on Course embarks on a captivating journey, piecing together Ennio's life story through his own recollections, historical accounts, and the cherished memories of loved ones.


​Witness his remarkable odyssey – from surviving the hardships of World War II in Italy to conquering the culinary world's pinnacle.

“If ever there was a man that inspired life in everyone he met it was my dad, Ennio Riga. He was my best friend and my greatest inspiration”

Julie Riga

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Order your copy today and:

  • Discover the secrets to Ennio's success, unlocking valuable leadership lessons for your own journey.

  • Delve into his captivating story, filled with adventure, challenges, and heartwarming moments.

  • Savor his delicious recipes, passed down with love and guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

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