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Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Learning Consultant, certified diary detox practitioner, author, podcaster, musician, vocalist, and voice actor

Julie Riga, an ICF-ACC Certified leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator, brings a wealth of experience in big-picture program/project management to her practice. Recognized for her ability to seamlessly bring together diverse resources, Julie excels at creating high-functioning teams that consistently deliver breakthrough results on time and under budget. 

Drawing from over 20 years of experience in the Pharma Industry, Julie is revered as the master of mindset, guiding executives worldwide to leave a meaningful legacy through both personal and professional endeavors. Her journey into coaching stems from a deep-seated desire to share the wisdom instilled by her inspirational father, Ennio Riga. His lessons in resilience have fueled Julie's commitment to helping individuals discover their purpose and navigate their paths with clarity and determination.

Beyond her impressive professional achievements, Julie delves deep into the realm of purpose-led careers and significant mindset shifts. As a Diary Detox Certified Practitioner, she is widely acknowledged as a visionary in holistic executive leadership. Other areas of expertise include executive development, strategy, and stakeholder management. Julie's diversified leadership background provides deep experience and insights into building critical stakeholder relationships, team culture, and communication.

Julie is a motivating leader who engages all levels of management to address multiple learning areas and issues. Her TED talk inspired everyone. She is an amazing speaker and brings passion and humanity to all she does.



As the author and podcast host of "Stay on Course," Julie endeavors to transform the prevailing narrative of professionals feeling trapped in unfulfilling careers into one where individuals joyfully pursue their passions, embrace their purpose, and live authentically.



Julie intricately weaves her father's journey in the book Stay on Course, presenting not only a tale of culinary excellence but a roadmap to inspire readers to chase their passions, reflect on life's purpose, and leave a lasting legacy.


podcast host

Julie's Stay on Course podcast aims to empower corporate leaders to upskill, coach, and facilitate teams. Each episode brings expert insights and engaging discussions on various topics, including our shared love for food.

Julie Riga stands out as an exceptional public speaker, blending her extensive experience with a genuine warmth that resonates with audiences. In 2019, she seized a remarkable opportunity to undergo training with Briar Goldberg, a distinguished TEDx Coach, right at TED Headquarters in New York City. Julie's TEDx talk, titled "Discover Your Purpose and Stay on Course," reached over 65,000 Novartis employees, a testament to her remarkable ability to connect with diverse audiences and convey a compelling message.

Julie's authentic approach, coupled with powerful insights, guarantees to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

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