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Julie Riga isn't just a speaker; she's a catalyst for transformation. With passionate storytelling, razor-sharp wisdom, and a healthy dose of humor, she ignites audiences to challenge their assumptions, embrace their potential, and embark on remarkable leadership journeys.

In 2019, she seized the remarkable opportunity to undergo training with Briar Goldberg, a distinguished TEDx Coach at TED Headquarters in New York City. Julie's TEDx talk, titled "Discover Your Purpose and Stay on Course," resonated profoundly, captivating over 65,000 Novartis employees. This accomplishment speaks volumes about her ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver a compelling message.

Building on the success of her TEDx appearance, Julie has turned her focus to coaching other speakers, guiding them to harness their own stories for inspiration and impact. Through her guidance, she empowers individuals to draw on their unique experiences and insights, enabling them to share their messages and create a lasting impact.


Popular Speaking Topics

  • Stay on Course Ingredients for Success - Purpose, Presence, and Perseverance

  • Discover your Purpose and Stay on Course: As heard on TEDx 

  • Future Leadership Skills - Coaching, Facilitating and Communicating 

  • My Listening Habit: Learn the 12 Roadblocks to listening and curious listening

  • Failure, Faith, and Fun: Lean into failure and embrace innovation and possibility

  • Lessons from a TEDx Speaker: What is the gift you are giving your audience

  • Leave a Legacy: A story of a Dad and his daughter and a mission to succeed

  • Dropping your Water Line: How authenticity leads to connection

  • The Worthiness Contract: Sign a new agreement and step into your power

  • Time Management: What are you doing?

  • You're so annoying and so am I! Explore the Myers Briggs personality types 

  • From Admin to Director: Conquering the corporate ladder by becoming an entrepreneur

  • Author of My Life: Invent, reinvent, and live the life you always wanted

  • Leadership Topics: MBTI, Conflict Management, Coaching, Project Management, Managing, Branding, Story Telling, Resilience, Change Management, Communications, Facilitation Skills, Presentations and Story Telling. 


Her TED talk inspired everyone. She is an amazing speaker and brings passion and humanity to all she does. She is an asset to the team!

Global Head of Operations, Novartis

Personally, each time I speak with Julie, my perspectives change a bit and I'm more equipped. One thing that must be said: Despite her vast knowledge and experience, she has such a desire to help others and an attitude of humility that is not always found. Highly recommend!

Host of ACA Club


Her preparation before the events, confidence, passion, and personality enabled all of the engagements to be a great success. 

VP, Data Sciences

Previous Clients:

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Don't let another day pass by living less than your best self.

Contact Julie today and discover how she can transform your event and ignite the fire within your team or organization.

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