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Learn the secrets to speaking with purpose and conviction.

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Ready to transform your public speaking skills and become a confident, impactful communicator?

You might have great ideas, but struggle to express them clearly and confidently. Perhaps you get nervous before presentations or feel disconnected from your audience.

You're not alone.

Many professionals face challenges in communication, leaving them feeling frustrated and under-represented.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Before I Speak is designed to empower you to transform your communication skills and become a confident, captivating speaker. This group coaching community provides a supportive environment where you can:

Develop your storytelling skills: Learn how to craft compelling narratives that engage your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Create unforgettable experiences: Discover how to design presentations that go beyond information delivery, fostering connection and action.

Master the art of skillful presentations: Gain valuable insights and techniques to deliver presentations with clarity, confidence, and impact.

Build a supportive community: Connect and network with a group of fellow professionals who are also committed to improving their communication skills.

Receive personalized feedback: Get valuable insights from experienced coaches and fellow community members to refine your approach and elevate your communication skills.


Julie’s engagement with my organization included mentorship, training, workshop
organization, and facilitation. Her preparation before the events, confidence, passion, and
personality enabled for all of the engagements to be a great success.

— VP Data Sciences


Julie did a great job as a workshop facilitator and
also in following up on resulting action items. This workshop helped my group to reset the
focus and we became way more efficient.

Head of Statistics, Bayer

The Before I Speak Group Coaching Experience

Group Coaching Experience and Community

  • Meet three times a month with a supportive community of learners.

  • Participate in "Presenter Spotlight" sessions with personalized community feedback.

  • Gain valuable industry insights on topics like:

    • Storytelling

    • Creating memorable experiences for your audience

    • Delivering skillful and impactful presentations

  • Network with other leaders and expand your professional network.

  • Build your confidence through active feedback and interaction.

Monthly Membership


Additional Program Offerings

One-on-One Coaching

(6 Months)

  • Receive personalized coaching and guidance from an experienced communication expert.

  • Craft and refine your message through bi-monthly coaching sessions.

  • Enhance your stage presence and delivery.

  • Learn to speak with clarity, precision, and impact.

The Premier Program

(12 Months)

  • Gain access to all the benefits of the Group Coaching Community and One-on-One Coaching.

  • Bonus: Get the opportunity to showcase your skills and gain valuable experience by presenting in front of live audiences.


Motivational Speaker

Commanding attention in conference rooms and on virtual platforms.

Business Meeting

Attracting clients and collaborators eager to benefit from your insights.

New business partnership

Influencing industry conversations and shaping the future of your field.

Woman at Work

Building a thriving business fueled by your thought leadership prowess.



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Stop second-guessing yourself. Learn to articulate your vision, inspire others, and become a recognized expert in your field.

Join the BEFORE I SPEAK Coaching Program and Take Center Stage.

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