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Elevate your service game through strategic preparation with Chef Ron Tornari and Julie Riga.

Are you a frontline staff member, supervisor, or manager in the hospitality industry?

Do you dream of creating unforgettable moments for your guests and setting a new standard for excellence?


Then Before I Serve is your transformative journey.

This isn't just a training program; it's a complete overhaul of your approach to hospitality. We equip you with the tools and skills to:

Empower your staff with enhanced customer service skills.

Boost guest satisfaction leading to positive reviews and repeat business.

Improve teamwork and communication within your hospitality team.

Become recognized as a hospitality establishment committed to delivering exceptional experiences.

The SERVE Framework

Couple Checking In
Help Center
Waitress Portrait
Staff Meeting
Cleaning Hotel Room

Service excellence

Learn how to cultivate a genuine commitment to excellence and consistently exceed expectations.


Develop the skills to understand and connect with guests on an emotional level, creating personalized experiences.


Master the art of prompt and effective service delivery, ensuring guests feel valued and cared for.


Train your team to adapt seamlessly to different roles and responsibilities, contributing to a smooth guest journey.

excellence in cleanliness

Implement rigorous cleanliness standards and cultivate a shared responsibility for maintaining a pristine environment.

Meet your trainers

My passion for culinary arts propelled me to a key role as a Culinary Supervisor at the Sheraton in Philadelphia, part of Starwood Hotels. Mentored by exceptional chefs, I refined my skills and learned the intricacies of culinary excellence.

Over 15 years with Starwood, I gained diverse experience, including executive roles across six renowned brands from Boston to Florida. I also spent two years with Kimpton Hotels and worked at exclusive country clubs and restaurants.

In 2017, a personal tragedy brought me back to New Jersey, where I embarked on a new journey. With the support of my partner, I ventured into owning and operating a Chefs for Seniors franchise, driven by my unwavering love for cooking and helping others.

Chef ron tornari

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I leverage my extensive experience in both program development and the hospitality industry to create custom-built training programs that truly make a difference. For over 20 years, I honed my skills in the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, where efficiency and clear communication are paramount.

But my passion lies in helping people, and that's what brought me to the world of hospitality training. I want to empower you to provide exceptional service that creates lasting positive memories for your guests.

Throughout the program, I'll draw from my experience as an ICF-ACC Certified Leadership Coach to unlock your full potential. We'll work on building confidence, mastering communication skills, and developing a service mindset that goes above and beyond.

Julie Riga

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Before I Serve isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand every organization has unique needs. That's why Chef Ron Tornari and Julie Riga will work closely with you to custom-build a training program designed to elevate your team's skills and confidence.

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