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“If ever there was a man that inspired life in everyone he met it was my dad, Ennio Riga. 

He was my best friend and my greatest inspiration”

Stay on Course 
The Life and Legacy of Ennio Riga Chef to the Stars

When Ennio Riga passed away in 2016 he left his daughter Julie his life story to complete. Julie worked for two years to publish his amazing story on how he stayed on course to overcome obstacles and create a successful life.

Julie continues his legacy as a leadership coach, trainer, speaker, and author. In compiling the stories for the book, Julie carries on Ennio’s tradition by helping others reflect, and then decisively act on, their own calls to greatness.

Ennio Riga

Ennio Riga, a native of Italy, worked all over the world as a professional chef. His long and celebrated culinary career took him to the Orient Express, RMS Queen Elizabeth, the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, and other high-end, exotic locations. Along the way, he demonstrated, by example, how to lead, love, and live a purpose-driven, legacy-worthy life. While known as the “chef to the stars,” more importantly, Ennio treated everyone, from all walks of life, like stars.

Here the real story begins here! 

Learn more about the legacy and how my dad stayed on the same course to achieve success.

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