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Your Career Crisis 

Ends Now! 

Are you at the beginning of your career and want to make sure you do not end up hating it?                

Are you stuck in a soul-sucking job that jeopardizes your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health?

Or are you: 


  • Following someone else's dream for your life

  • Working just to get a paycheck

  • Miserable every day you go to work

  • Feeling like you are at a crossroad or breaking point 

If you said yes to any of these questions keep reading this program is for you. 


Discover Yourself Coaching Package
Purpose & Personality

If you would like to discover yourself further spend time in this program to get clear on your purpose and personality. 

Individual Package Includes 

Discover your Purpose Workshop

Discover your Purpose Workshop is designed to help you discover your personal purpose and help you connect it to the work you do every day. Studies have shown that doing meaningful work helps build resilience, health, and happiness. It aids in the productivity and success of organizations world-wide.  


During this Module you will:

  1. Recognize why knowing your purpose is a powerful tool.

  2. Reflect and capture the main themes of your life by completing a purpose worksheet that will give you the content to create you purpose statement.

  3. Begin with the end in mind by creating a visual purpose statement that encompasses your personal and professional life. This will act a blueprint for targets, project plans and how you manage your time.

  4. Make connections between your personal purpose and the work you do

MBTI Assessment and Workshop

The MBTI Workshop has been designed for you to learn about MBTI and select your best-fit type. During this MBTI  Workshop you will have the opportunity to understand the 4 dichotomies and how they operate. You will also select your best fit as we go through this explanation. After you select your best-fit type you will receive your MBTI® Step II™ Assessment results. We will then review your report page by page so you may understand your results and what this may mean to you.


The MBTI® Step II™ Assessment is the latest questionnaire with an 18-page report, including the basic four dichotomies plus the 20 facets. You must select your best-fit type before receiving the assessment results. For those who already have some experience with personality tests and types, this assessment gives far more details than the basic report. You will learn about your communication style, how you make decisions, manage conflict, and confront change. The MBTI assessment has 144 questions, takes about 30-60 minutes to complete.

During this Module you will:

1. Build awareness on how you are showing up in different areas of your life. 

2. Identify your strengths and areas for development and set strategies to do more of what makes you strong and develop strategies to strengthen your weaknesses. 

3. Create plans on how you can improve your ability to manage change, improve your communication and mitigate conflict

Discover Yourself Coaching Package
Personality & Purpo
8 Hours of One on One Coaching
If you are interested in this p
please book a time to get started with Coach Julie.

Group Coaching Sessions Starting Soon
If you are interested send an email to let us know.

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