When You Think You Know Everything (How To Keep Your Ego In Check)

When you think you know everything, this is when everything is unknown

I am going to tell you one thing.

Sit quietly and think about this.

When you are feeling confident, when you are feeling like all the boxes in your life are checked- be prepared for a jolt of reality from the universe. We have no control over anything.

Control is an illusion.

This illusion that we are supposed to be in the space of confidence, and owning our life is just that, an illusion. Typically I love to explore self-development and fancy a spin on everything that is positive. I enjoy basking in the beauty of possibility. I find optimism in the rain. I am confident that there will be a rainbow.

WARNING: My friends, the universe has other plans- as the universe indicated to me this week with a jarring reminder

My vibrations were at an all time high. I was connecting professionally with amazing thought leaders and visualizing a path of abundance. I had an opportunity to speak this week and was in the middle of this engagement when I noticed my phone lighting up. I pushed my phone to the side, as I engaged in a confident address to a group of eager professionals wishing to elevate their business' visibility.

My phone continued as if it was in a state of uncontrollable panic. On a typical day I do not look at my phone during a meeting or engagement. However, this day, my phone was carelessly tucked under my leg, as I sat poised and primed to deliver a message--that now seems poignantly irrelevant.

911 flashed from urgent texts. My friends kept calling, even though I did not answer. Instinctively, I knew something was not right. The rythym of urgency led me to take a pause from my speaking engagement, and I was met with the news that confirmed,

The universe has plans for us. The universe will not let us get too lofty or too full of ourselves. We are sent messages daily reminding us that we are not truly in control of of lives. Within a brief moment, I was reminded of this fact and how fragile life is. I was reminded what is truly important. The importance of staying present and cherishing those vital relationships in our lives should be the priority of our days.

I answered the call and was immediately met with panic.

"She was hit by a car, a hit and run, she was jogging, she has a brain bleed, she is in ICU, she is in a coma......."