How To Start A Podcast & Why You Need To Start Today.

You have listened to a podcast or two.

Perhaps you are OBSESSED (shameless plug) with the likes of Brene Brown's or Dax Shephard's podcasts. There is a magical quality when you slip your earbuds in and you are greeted by the familiar riffs of a podcast host. You are transported into another world that sparks imagination, creativity, and ideas.

Podcasting is making a resurgence in popularity. The genre of podcasting has been experiencing a sort of renaissance. According to the Intelligencer, the reasoning podcasts may be growing is that the economics are compelling. Producing an average podcast costs far less than producing a TV show or a radio show (all you really need is a microphone or two, a copy of Audacity or some other editing software, and a cheap hosting service for the audio files themselves).

The magic of podcasting can produce income! Podcast advertising rates on a successful podcast are big enough to pay for the costs many times over. Several top podcasters told me that their CPM (the cost to an advertiser per thousand impressions, a standard ad-industry unit) was between $20 and $45. Compare that to a typical radio CPM (roughly $1 to $18) or network TV ($5 to $20) or even a regular old web ad ($1 to $20), and the podcast wins.

You are reading this article because you have thought about venturing down the winding road of podcasting.

The power of your voice taking to the airwaves is a scintillating experience. When I embarked on my first podcast (with my amazing co-hosts, Tia Morell-Walden, Mika Altidor, and Tristin Hodges) we were knee-deep in a puddle of emotions. I was gobsmacked with excitement, confusion, overwhelm, and bewilderment.

The list of questions in my head ruminated:

  • Why should I put so much energy into something that may just lay lifeless in a universe of 2 Billion other podcasts? ( FACT: there are 2 billion other podcasts).

  • Was anyone going to listen to this podcast?

  • What if it flops?


Podcasting is an incredible vehicle to boost your brand, elicit excitement about something you believe in, and can leverage your expertise. The added bonus is that it is truly fun. As a host on the Obsessed Podcast, I can solemnly swear that the experience has changed my life and the trajectory of my business. The conversations with such notables as Dr. Laura Berman, Dr. Sherrie Campbell, and Dr. JC Doornick have morphed into incredible collaborations and friendships.

More importantly, the power of our voices has changed the way our listeners think about their lives. In a few short months, our rinky-dink experiment with podcasting soared to the top 5% of podcasts globally. Our audience has met us with incredible warmth, support, and generosity. This has impacted my life (and I speak for my co-hosts), so profoundly, that I believe we can never go back to being, regular, old non-podcasters.

The art of podcasting has assisted