How My Life Coach Saved My Life

What Is Life Coaching?

My True Story of How I Got My Voice Back.

A Story About My Relationship With Julie Lokun

Guest Blog Written By Nicki Pascarella

“It’s Julie’s fault,” my husband said while waggling a finger an inch from my nose. “‘Start a blog.’ Pfft! What was Julie thinking? Does she understand how obsessive you are? Does she get who she is dealing with? Does she know she released a red-headed monster into the world?”

Since Julie totally gets me, I shot my husband a cheesy grin. Don’t be fooled by his blabbing; my husband is relieved that someone shares the burden of dealing with my intensity.

A blog, four novels, and a contract with a major women’s romance publisher later—and, I have to agree—My dream life is kind of Julie’s fault.

For those who don’t know her, Jule Lokun is a Certified Life Coach, authoress, mother, wife, daughter, and all-around ass-kicker. She is the mastermind behind Crown & Compass, The Media Queens, The Squad, and The Obsessed Podcast. This impressive list is only a condensed version of her projects and achievements. In my eyes, the most important title Queen Jules holds is that of my new Guardian Angel.

Once Upon A Time

A little over two years ago, my fifty years of perfect life hopped into a pooh-filled commode. I don’t want to provide all of the sordid details. However, after half a century with a fabulous guardian angel, the little Seraphin decided that she needed a vacation. With a bratty raspberry and a middle finger, she left me high and dry.

Next, I met a treacherous villain. Having had such a fairy-tale life, I had built up little defense to evilness. This red-horned demon carrying a pitchfork defeated me, and I ended up in the hospital hooked to a heart monitor. My doctor entered the room, tsked, and said, “You are a hot mess. That is one bad monster you are fighting, and you require a team of seven doctors and a Life Coach if you hope to defeat the beast.”

Puff! My doctor waved her magic wand, and Queen Jules, with her Ikigai and infectious energy, appeared.

What Is Ikigai?

In Japan, a concept called Ikigai is central to finding one’s satisfaction and meaning in life. Ikigai translates to “reason for being.” Facilitating her client’s journey as they find their purpose is Julie’s life mission. Let me put this another way. Julie’s Ikigai is helping others discover their Ikigai.