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What are your ingredients for success? 

Navigate career transitions, earn promotions, and plan your long-term career with Julie Riga. Develop the leadership skills and executive presence needed for career growth. Julie Riga has a proven track record of accelerating careers, pinpointing purpose, exceeding client goals and developing supportive action plans to help you stay on course.

If you are struggling in your career or frustrated and burned out, discover the tools to accelerate your professional life. Julie is an expert in career transformation coaching and purpose-driven executive consulting. 


If you are following someone else's dream for your life, working just to get a paycheck, miserable every day you go to work your journey starts here.

Discover your personal purpose and how this connects to your everyday work.  



Learn the Communication Style only taught to TEDx Speakers. Whether you are looking to speak on stage or navigating your way through the corporate world you need to be confident in your communication style and presentation.

You will receive a comprehensive blueprint for optimizing your speaking skillset and messaging. 



Ascend to new heights with a comprehensive tools and action plans to lead your teams, business, and life. This is an in-depth look at the processes you use to lead.

This accelerator uncovers motivations, techniques, and purpose-driven actions that create abundant advances in your professional and personal life.


How Julie Riga Is Changing The Trajectory For Professionals

Julie has the power to reframe, refresh and renegotiate your professional aspirations. Julie is a highly sought-after ICF-certified coach and MBTI trainer.  Julie's career spans two decades with accolades as an executive consultant, serving companies like Johnson & Johnson and Novartis.  Julie is the author of the best-selling book, Stay on Course and is a TEDx-trained speaker.  

Stay On Course Career Accelerator Coaching

Take ownership of your career path, plan your long-term goals, and position yourself for advancement.


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